Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More wedding goodies: save-the-dates

My, it has been a while since I posted anything. Lately I just haven't done anything that I could put up without fear of someone ruining an upcoming gift. Anyway, today is the day for another wedding craft installment. Today will feature the save-the-date cards I designed. We had engagement pictures taken with signs and picked out our favorites, wanting it to have a vague photobooth feel. The inspiration for the background for this and all of our wedding stationery came from a folder I got at barnes and noble a few months back that I just fell in love with. It is so cheery and I thought it would be perfect for a relaxed summer wedding. Currently I am working on the invitation that will be the same flower design but with the colors reversed. We decided that for quality and sanitys sake, I would design them and then we would go ahead and get them printed at kinkos which worked out great for the save-the-the dates. They are 3" x 6 3/4" and we made special 3.5" x 7" envelopes for them and attached a piece of cardstock with our contact information. Anyway, I love them and thought I would share. My photoshop skills are still not great, but I am still impressed by the things I can figure out. We shall see how invitations go.
Hopefully soon I will have some other crafts to put up, but in any case, the gifts will be given soon enough and then I will have plenty of things to put up :)