Thursday, February 5, 2015

a bag for the library

We love the library around here. All fall we went every other week to pick out some new books for the kiddo to read and she loves it! We haven't gone yet this year since we've been reading all the new books she got for the holidays, but we are about to start going again. We had been using a tote bag I made a while back, but once she gets all her books into it, it's a bit small. 

Weeks ago now, the little one was playing around while I was sewing and started making her own pile of fabric. She just kept collecting and asked if we could make another quilt. I told her I wasn't sure we could do another quilt just now, but maybe it would be perfect for a library bag. She was very happy with this idea, so last week when I told her to have at the scrap drawer and finalize her choices, she spend an hour and a half debating fabric and making her final selection. I asked her what she would like to use for the bottom/straps and gave her a couple of choices too, and after I cut everything out, she went to work laying it out just so. It was so cute and I love her sense of color.

The outside is made up of 28 different fabrics, and some leftover black faux suede, made into a 15.5" square with 2" corners cut out for the boxing. She chose the lining too and the pocket fabric, and I kind of love it. I didn't interface the outside at all, but I did use some shapflex on the lining since the polyester has a habit of being shifty and we needed a bit more sturdiness. I am really happy with it and hopefully this weekend it will serve its purpose well.

So that's that. I am still trying to decide what to tackle next. I started my sweater so I will be slowly working on that, and I am torn between clothes and scrapbooks...perhaps I will be jumping back and forth and eventually they will be done. Ultimately, the goal is to clean out all the things in my way so I can work on a couple of quilts. I sure hope I can get it cleared out soon!