Sunday, August 24, 2008

ugly bear

So I've been making a little teddy bear to give my cousin for his baby, and when I say little, I mean it...It is not even 6 inches tall, but the pattern online looked cute. Anyway, I finally finished it and then made the little dress to go with it and quite frankly, it is the first project I have ever thought was ugly and was unhappy with. Good thing the poncho is so cute :-P I guess it's not terrible, but come on, it is far from great. I think it was because of the pattern being confusing and because I used different yarn that wasn't as fuzzy so any problems with it are more obvious. In any case, it is a good baby size and the yarn is organic cotton with eco-friendly filling. I am currently in the process of trying to figure out if there is any way to fix the dress so that it is not quite so big so if I do try to fix it I'll post another picture. For now here is the tragic little thing.


  1. I think it's cute! My almost 10 month old daughter would probably snuggle it to death. Well done!


  2. I think the bear's cute in an "ugly" way. Your cousin's child will love it. The poncho is great as are the other projects. If you want to make me a needle holder for Christmas like your chopstick holder I would love it.

  3. aw...looks like something I would make :D. This of course means that I love it! Though I think he needs glasses one eye is definitely smaller than the other.


  4. i luv it! i have yet to meet a bear i didn't like. this little one is quite the looker anyway, if i do say so myself. nice job! <3