Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tote Bag

My new purse is finished! I managed to get it done last week but then slacked on uploading pictures and such, but here it is!

I followed a tutorial on this blog, but kind of modified it to fit my needs. Mainly I made it smaller since I wanted it as a purse, and I added a few pockets inside. I put two smaller ones for my cell phone and chapstick and whatnot, and then a longer one for my recipets and coupons and so far it is working out really well. I also used a layer of flannel inside instead of fusable fleece because I had it already and I didn't need it to be too thick. I really like the way it came out.

I don't know yet what my next project will be. I don't have anything pressing so I think I am going to collect some coupons and go to joanns periodically and get some fabric for a quilt. I have one fabric already that I want to use and the other day I saw some others that would go with it perfectly. That will probably be a more long term project though. And I think I need to make myself a pin cushin if I can find a cute pattern I like. That's all for now! I will put up a wedding craft later this week :)

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