Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As I sit here, returned from our holiday journey and waiting for the new year, I am inspired. Overwhelmed by all I wish to accomplish and a little being who simply will not have it, but inspired and excited for the coming year none the less. I have some awesome new books to read which just keep giving me idea after idea. I plan to spend the next couple of days relaxing with the family and getting myself in order for the new year. I have some priorities to figure out and I'm really hoping to start the new year out with a clear idea of what I want to accomplish. Right now my list is 10 miles long and I am feeling pretty disorganized so hopefully I will be able to iron some of that out.

With that I wish you a very happy new year. Next week I will be back [hopefully] renewed and refreshed and with some great christmas gifts to show off and some sort of plan for 2011. We know how well I stick to plans....but I'll keep trying :)

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