Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday {9.25.13}

I totally didn't even realize it was Wednesday. I guess that should give you some idea of what things are like around here haha. Amidst the chaos, I am making very slow progress. I finally made a list of all the things I need/want to do and I admit, it was totally overwhelming. I am still working on squeezing in regular sewing time, so it feels a bit frustrating right now, especially since there are things that are at least a bit time sensitive.

Anyway, my quick update for this week is:

big girl blanket - I have 2 more columns to sew and then put the top together. I am so excited about this, it is coming together so well! Of course once I finish the top, which really shouldn't take long, I still need batting and backing....

The other thing that has slow but steady progress is a crocheted blanket for the big girl bed. I am done 6 squares out of 42. I am aiming to do one per day and so far I am doing pretty well with that pace. More on this later. And maybe a non-blurry picture. Also, they look much more the same size in person.

I also have a pile of fabric for panties and some fall hoodie sweatshirts, I started a little fabric nesting bowl that I don't have a picture of, and I am falling farther behind on the penny sampler by the day. At least I have some fabric ideas floating around for once I finally can work on it. There are also a few baby things I'd really like to make and the big girl is in need of some fall/winter jammies. I am not even going to talk about the rest of the list right now since obviously I have enough to worry about :)  I have plans to be back with more updates soon, but I suspect that may not work out the way I plan, so hopefully at the very least, next week I'll remember Wednesday.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. Your quilt looks like a great scrap buster! I need one of those. How cute is your crocheted blankie going to be!

  2. Your crochet squares are gorgeous. I have only 4 squares made in as many years but you've prompted me to dig them out!

  3. Love your quilt and blanket it's going to look gorgeous!

    I'm always overwhelmed by projects I think it helps to write them down though. I always think..when I've done those I'll have cleared everything, but that never happens and I always start something new before any of my finishes.....I've done it this week !!