Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday {9.18.13}

I'm back! Time to start keeping weekly track of what I am doing again I think. For sanity's sake, I am going to ignore all the things I need to do/should be doing and focus on what I am actually doing. I have some pressing things that need progress (and more time than I've got) so this should help me see that I am, indeed, making progress.

Things went into high gear this past week when a series of events led to the necessity of a big girl bed in a fairly short time frame. The frame has been found, we are on the hunt for a mattress and will go get some sheets, but obviously that leaves a quilt that needs making. I can't possibly imagine going out to buy one when I have all this beautiful fabric to use, so that has been what I have been working on when I can find the time. It will be pretty simple, but I have a whole lot of fabric to cut. Why, oh why don't I keep extra bed sized quilts in my house?!?! I really hope this comes together fast once I am done all this tedious cutting.

I also made some test pairs of big girl panties, which I do not have pictures of since they were snatched and worn immediately. Is it weird that I love making panties for my little girl? It feels weird, but they are so cute and satisfying that it hurts a little. This pattern, in case you are wondering.

In addition, I am working to keep up with the penny sampler. These are the blocks from last week, and now I am waiting for this weeks to go up so I can start pondering my fabric choices and be ready when I have the time. And maybe take a break from cutting a gazillion strips.

So that's mainly what I am working on. Along with a quilt, another "yarn blanket" has been requested for the big girl bed, so I am waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can start that. Hopefully by next week I'll have started and made some progress on that. Life is so crazy right now...and when it gets crazy, all I want to do is shut myself in a room and sew, so that is exactly what I do when I can find the time. Even if it involves wrapping the baby up on my chest while I cut fabric :)

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  1. The cutting for the big girl bed quilt may be tedious, but I'm sure it will feel very satisfying to make and use on the bed. Hope the "big girl" loves it!

  2. Loving your Penny Sampler blocks! Your colour palette is just gorgeous!

  3. You do have a lot going but it all looks so fun! Those bird blocks are adorable! I haven't thought of wearing the baby while I cut/sew. Hmmm, that might be the answer to so many problems!