Wednesday, September 10, 2014

tote or backpack??

Are you familiar with perfect pattern parcels that have been happening lately? Every couple of weeks there is a two week sale of 5 indie designer patterns and you choose your price. It is pretty awesome and a great way to get some really great patterns. This last one (the second one I've purchased) was actually geared towards sewing for boys, but there were a couple of patterns I just loved so much I had to get it. I have another item sewn from these patterns coming up soon, but for today, I wanted to share my Jet Pack bag by Betz White.

I know I mentioned not too long ago that I am always on the hunt for a bag. And I was all set to make myself a new super tote (which may still happen) when I spotted this bag. It has one very important feature that I have been looking for, and that is that it can be worn either as a messenger/tote bag or as a backpack. This seems brilliant when going out and about with little people, so I figured it would be a perfect bag for walks to the park. I had already worked out the super tote in my head, so I just transferred my ideas to this baby and it worked beautifully! Mostly this meant that I knew I was going to do some bright, summery patchwork, and use the wrong side of some denim for the accents, and use this amazing polka dot for the lining. I even had most of the hardware for this, which was perfect. Speaking of the hardware, I did tweak a little bit to accommodate the 1.5" hardware that I had instead of buying the 1.25" that the pattern calls for. An easy adjustment that worked out just fine.

My only complaint is that I had to hand stitch the lining, which I hate doing, but I admit it does look quite nice. I omitted the inside pockets since I never end up using them, and with two outer pockets, I felt like I would be fine, and used a magnetic snap instead of a twist lock on the front pocket since I had it. I quilted the patchwork to batting and some outdoor fabric and the lining is intefaced with some shapflex. The denim is actually a pair of old jeans that the hubs was getting rid of. I had just enough length for the strap pieces actually, and it felt like a great use of old fabric. Using the wrong side was an idea I got from someone on insagram, but I can't remember quite who. It looks pretty chambray-ish really, but is so sturdy. I love it, and didn't have to interface the denim at all. My machine even took it pretty well!

So now I am ready to start using this and I am pretty excited! I think it will still be a bit small for longer outings involving more diapers and food and such, but for some short trips I think it will be perfect, and will continue working as they grow. I hope to be back soon to show a whole lot of baby stuff for some dear friends/family that I can't wait to share!

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  1. So colourful and really neat! Well done and enjoy those outings to the park. :)