Wednesday, September 3, 2014

transmute: a finished body!!

Well hello there, September! My goodness, with a holiday weekend and my little starting preschool, things feel nuts around here. I find myself always feeling a little behind these days, but I am working on it. I have been finishing quite a few things though, small ones mostly, but also this next pause on my sweater journey, which feels huge.

I am now done the body of my sweater, and more than that, it even fits!!! It is not without mistakes, of course, and I might end up wishing it were a bit longer, but it fits and it's beautiful!  It took me a month from start to finish, which I am actually really happy with, and now I have another 3 weeks or so to do the sleeves before the knit-along ends. I won't know until I start them if that is possible, but I'm hopeful.

One afternoon this week I am going to sit down and figure out how to pick up the sleeve stitches I need and how to use my double pointed needles and get to work. Also, I am kind of on a sewing tangent right now, since I got it into my head that I needed to make a bag. So I am doing that, plus I have a lot of non sewing/knitting projects that need some attention soon. I am feeling pulled in many directions right now, but nothing a few deep breaths and a little focus won't help :) Next up, some clothes for the kidlet to be shared!

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