Thursday, September 11, 2008

gym bag

So next week I should have some nice new projects to post, but until then here is another one that I did a few months ago. Early in the summer my future mother-in-law bought the book Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt and we decided to go to town. Our big project was a t-shirt wedding dress (oh yeah we did!) made out of 7 white t-shirts (actually a top and a skirt) which I sadly realize now I do not have pictures of, but I will be sure to acquire some. It did take two of us, but it came out pretty cute considering it is a wedding dress made of t-shirts haha. Anyway, I did a number of other projects like a sunglasses case, checkbook cover, and skirt that I also don't have pictures of. As indicated by the title, possibly my favorite project and the one that I do have pictures of, is a gym bag that I made for my sister. On one of our goodwill trips collecting t-shirts to transform I found a shirt that said "the cops just pulled me over for carrying these guns" and I just could not stop laughing about it and thought it would be just perfect for a little gym bag. It came out a bit smaller than intended because I was bound by the size of the t-shirt which also made the strap a bit short, but that's okay, it was fun :)

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  1. i luv this bag. i say u wave it in front of a cop if u ever get pulled over!