Wednesday, December 31, 2008

needle holders

Finally I can post about the awesomely crafty gifts I made for people this year. I am trying to group them a little bit but I don't want to just put everything up at once. So I am starting with 2 knitting needle holders I made.

The first is for my future Mother-in-law and it holds needles from about size 6 to size 15 I think. It is for 14 inch needles so it is pretty tall. I made it out of some beautiful leftover fabrics that I had and had been wanting to use with a nice lime green as the lining. I also used elastic and buttons as the is the same pattern I made up for my chopstick holder earlier this year, but I decided elastic would be easier to use than the ties. It came out really well :)

The second is one that I made for double pointed needles for my dad. He picked out his fabirc and told me the basic design that he wanted- two layers of pouches for 7 inch and 10 inch needles in case his collection ever gets that big. The orange fabric for the lining is actually a thick canvas fabric which makes it a little thick, but I think it works. He requested the ties instead of the elastic so I put leather cord on in keeping with the manly theme :-P Each time I make something like this I get better which is a good sign.

I guess that is it for round one....more to come!

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