Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 weeks later...

In case you had gotten around to wondering, my disappearance has been due to the arrival of a beautiful baby girl back on July 3. We are totally in love and while crafting has been on hold, I have big plans for a time when things are a bit more settled and regular :) Obviously, she fit in the newborn gown I made although I'm pretty sure that a mere 3.5 weeks later she doesn't anymore.

So for now, I have enough things that I made before her arrival that it will hopefully keep me posting until I can get around to making some new things. I have a few necessary projects coming up fairly soon (wow babies go through a lot of cloth wipes! Once my fabric gets here I think I'll be making approximately a million of those) and then a project just for me, and then I'll start figuring out what kind of things she might need that I can make.....although admittedly most of the things I want to make for her won't be practical or fit for another....oh 2 years at least haha. Anyway, I will start posting more regularly now and catch up to myself hopefully. I think I'll also try to rework my goals for the remainder of the year since they are obviously changing :)

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