Monday, August 2, 2010

Wet Bags

So these wet bags round out my diaper bag suite. I probably shouldn't admit that so far I haven't used the diaper bag I made and have instead been using the monster bag from Target that I am, well, in love with. It is just huge and fits all the things we end up carrying around right now. I am thinking once we downsize a bit, meaning once we don't need quite so many diapers because right now she pees at least 10-12 times per day, we will switch to the other bag.

What I am using, all. the. time. is the changing pad (which unfortunately leaks through the seams in the middle when she pees all over it) and these wet bags. I really hate zippers and PUL fabric so this wasn't the best project for me, but they're functional and cute and that is what matters. I actually think I need to make a slightly bigger one, but we'll see, for now these are perfect. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but we are using cloth diapers which is what made these and absolute necessity, and the larger bag I made can fit quite a few of them --at least 5 I think although I don't know if we've been out long enough to fill it up quite that much.

Anyway, they are just simple lined bags. I thought about a few different patterns, some of which I may try at some point, but ended up with the same old bag. I won't go into the, uniquenesses, but there are an unfortunate many. Like I said, zippers and I don't get along and neither do PUL and I, so odds were against me. The big one is 11.5" x 10" and the smaller one is 9" x 7.5" and I just made two rectangles of fabric twice the length, put the zipper on and went around 3 sides, leaving the short side which became the bottom of the lining open for turning. Good enough and that completes my diaper bag and accessories. I did just get a wipes case that I may decorate at some point....but it's really not a priority.

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