Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Knit Blanket

I think it's time to switch gears for a bit and talk about some of the knitting I did while waiting on this little one. I didn't do much sewing during the time I was actually working, in fact most of the projects got done between April 15 and her arrival. Because I saw this coming, I decided to knit a few things for her since that is easy to do a bit at a time after work, although to be honest most of that got done after I was done working too haha. Anyway, it all started with a book. Easy Baby Knits to be exact. I was shopping around AC Moore one day and saw it and fell in love. I love almost every pattern in it and if I had the time I would try to make them all. Who knows, maybe at some point I will. But anyway, I bought the book and gave it to my dad because he knits quite a bit more than I do and then decided that I loved it so much that I went back and bought myself a copy. I picked two projects that I wanted to have done for baby and went over to to find some yarn (they have some great natural fibers that don't cost an arm and a leg). I wanted cotton blends and found the perfect ones.

The first project was a knit blanket. We settled on our 5 gender neutral colors in a cotton/acrylic blend yarn. It is a bulky yarn and, because I knit tight, I used a size 10.75 needle (I didn't even know they made those but my dad found one on clearance and gave it to me!). It is 25 squares of garter stitch for the center,with a roughly 4 inch border, also garter stitch, so it was super simple. I could whip up a square in a half hour, which was awesome. I am terrible at the sewing together part so the finished product doesn't look quite as good as I might have hoped, but it is soft and pretty. Hopefully it will hold together through multiple washings, but only time will tell.

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