Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Banner

So this is probably my favorite project for baby. We were trying to come up with a fairly simple way to brighten up the room without painting and it had to be gender neutral since we didn't know the sex of the baby until delivery. I love bright primary colors anyway and figured there had to be a way to sew something up. And there was, and I love it. I made a banner that went around the room, well around two walls of the room anyway. I bought 10 Fat Quarters of bright fabrics and figured out how to cut and sew triangles in the most economical way and get the most out of my fabric and got two packs of white double fold binding to sew them into. I didn't want any unfinished edges, mostly because I want to be able to wash it when it gets dusty or we move or we redecorate or whatever.

I decided to cut out rectangles of fabric that were roughly 18" x 7" so I could get 3 out of each FQ giving me 30 triangles. I folded the rectangles up to 9" x 7" and traced a triangle template onto them and then sewed along the lines. After that I cut away leaving a 1/4" seam allowance and clipped the point and turned them right side out. I needed a few more triangles so some of them are scraps of two colors put together. I tucked the triangles between the binding layers and sewed it all the way down. I sewed ribbons to the ends and in the middle so it could easily slip over some nails and voila! It was so simple and really only took a few hours start to finish, although my pregnant self did take it in stages and didn't try to push through it all at once. It looks just as I'd hoped and really brightens up the place :) Really, it makes me happy every time I walk past the door and every time I enter. Obviously, this is one of the projects I am most proud of; I made it up and it worked exactly as I had wanted, and there really aren't any mistakes which we all know is unusual for me! Here are some pictures, but I only have some of it already hung up (and it was hard to get those since it is such a small room and hard to photograph).

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