Monday, August 23, 2010

Knit Hat

Here I am, back after a journey to New Jersey for some family time. And, although I don't have anything made recently to share yet, I actually sat down at my sewing machine yesterday for a bit and worked on a few things so there is hope that I will really start working on some things occasionally sometime soon. Right now we are working out the little lady's naps, so once we get that down things should get easier.

Anyway, the other knit project that I made before the little one was born was a hat! I had wanted to make it so she could hopefully wear it in newborn pictures because let's be honest, not much is cuter than a newborn in a handmade hat and a diaper :) Alas, it was not meant to be. The hat was finished, but you bet your butt it didn't fit on her head. It's alright, at least it was on the big side so there is hope for the future...speaking of which I should probably try it on her again so as not to miss my small window of opportunity. Back to the topic at hand. I made it a combination of the two hat patterns in the Easy Baby Knits book since I was using cotton fabric but wanted stripes. Actually I used Cotlin, a cotton/linen blend once again from the knitpicks site, and I love it. I have some left that I can't wait to turn into washcloths or something. I figured a cotton blend was a much better choice for a summer baby. Going with my gender neutral thing I made it green and ivory striped and then decided to knit a flower (from this site) that I could put on it if it ended up being a girl. The perfect finishing touch really, and I took pictures both with and without the flower. It is a really nice hat even if she doesn't end up really wearing it. My favorite part was that the pattern was on straight needles so I didn't have to worry about circular or double pointed needles, which I probably wouldn't have bothered with.

So that is that. I have already overwhelmed myself with projects so one of these days I will organize all that and get to work. I am hoping I can at least find a couple of hours every week to work on things, so I suppose we'll see how that goes in the upcoming weeks. But, I do still have a few more finished projects to post :)

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