Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink and Brown Quilt

This is it. The last thing that I had made before the baby was born. It makes my 'quilts completed this year' total 3 (and if I'm lucky, that will be at least 6 by the end of this year). And as my husband said, it may be the best one yet! It came out just about perfectly, partly thanks to a simple pattern and limited piecing.

I first saw this quilt in Bend the Rules Sewing, which I know I've mentioned before as I have made quite a few things from it. I had this perfect stash of 1/3 yards of pink and brown fabric that I had seen at a local quilt shop and loved so I got it for the stash, having no idea what I would actually make with it. It was perfect. As usual, I tweaked the patterns to fit my needs, making the strips patterned with solid interruptions instead of the other way around, and adding some strips to make the blanket a bit longer and balance it out. I also decided to do a nice little pieced strip on the back and honestly, I almost like the back more than the front! Lesson: polka dots are a great back and an even better binding. The quilting is simple straight line quilting at random intervals on the strips, and it is actually close to straight most of the time, quite an accomplishment for me. The finished size is 39" x 43" and it is really a great floor blanket. The cat really loves to burrow under it and play. And believe it or not, although it is a girly blanket, I made it before we had any idea whether we were having a girl or boy and it just worked out, but I wouldn't say this was made for the baby. So here it is, my best quilt yet according to some:

I love that the sun came out between the front and back pictures so the lighting is different haha. I think the colors look a bit better in person, but you get the idea.

I already have a bunch of other things done to post when I get the time and I am working on a bunch more. There is a sneak peek coming as well!! And at some point, I am going to sit down and really write out where I want my crafting to go and work out some goals for the next year or so. So far every time I cross something off my to-do list, something else pops into my head that I must make and I end up adding more than I accomplished. That's normal, right??

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