Friday, September 24, 2010

Bandana Dress

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I really like making little kid things. They are small and consequently quick and very rewarding. I try not to make too many complicated things for kids, especially clothes since I know they will fit for only a short amount of time. A while back I saw this 15-minute dress pattern and fell in love. It is just so super cute and I figured it would be perfect for my cousins daughter (the one I made the various other things for). She will be two in a month and this little dress would grow with her into a shirt if she wanted (although it might be too big for now). Her parents are also very much the bandana types :)

It is a really simple dress. You pretty much take two bandanas and sew up the sides leaving an opening for the arms and a little extra for a ribbon casing. I used a silk ribbon actually that I found in the jewelry section at a.c. moore because it was just so soft and I think it ended up looking great! I love using things where the edges are already finished so no worries about hemming or anything. I used a nice bright blue bandana with white ink which I think will look just wonderful on her very blonde little self.

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