Monday, July 15, 2013

not much

Is this weekend really over already? I would love to say I had a productive weekend, but at least it was pretty relaxing. We are mostly just getting ready for baby, and now that I have officially reached full term, she is welcome to join us whenever she would like :) We spent yesterday hanging at the beach for the morning which was lovely. I do have a ton of things I would like to make, but I still feel pretty unmotivated to sew, and none of it is crucial at this point. I do have a couple of things I hope to sit down and do in the next couple of days, but generally I am really enjoying my knitting right now. I would much prefer to lounge in my bed with the fans on to sitting in the hot little room my sewing machine is in.

Consequently, I have made a bit of progress on my hat. I am totally loving it, even if I know that I will have no need for a hat for months still.

I am debating making a baby sweater too. I found a really easy pattern for a little wrap sweater, and I figure if I start it soon and make the 6-12 month size, I might have it done in time for her to wear. I even have yarn already, so I just have to finish my hat and decide to do it. And maybe if I can manage that, I can start the sweater for me when I am done. Anyway, I am going to go do a lot of walking over the coming days/weeks and encourage this child to come out sooner rather than later ;)  And hopefully I'll have at least a little something to report of the sewing front by Wednesday!

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