Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday {10.23.13}

Thank goodness we are halfway through this week! For no particular reason, this is turning out to be "one of those weeks". I was hoping to get more sewing time this past weekend, but alas I got distracted by that whole 'clean out everything before you move' business. Which will probably be the case again this weekend, but who knows.

I did manage to finish the panties. They were sitting around for ages and a certain little girl is super happy to have them and be using them. In fact, I had no choice but to have one pair missing for the pictures because one pair is always on :)

I also finished a stuffed bunny and got a little package sent off to a friend for her new little

And the sweatshirts are started. This is as far as I got on the first one and I am really hoping to get them both done soon.

I don't even know what is next after that. I have to do penny sampler blocks and I have fabric to make a treat bag for halloween and some fall/winter pjs and shirts, so I'll have to get around to that.  Who knows, I guess I'll see if I end up with any time and what mood I am in. At this point, I'll be happy to keep up with the sampler and finish these sweatshirts! Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, did you have a pattern for the panties? what a great idea! Love the little coat too.

  2. The undies are so cute :) I have been wanting to make my son some now that his is potty trained.

  3. Cute little bunny! I think i have the same pattern and have been meaning to make one. I should get on it and tuck it in the shower gift i have on the go! And i really need to try my hand at making my little guys some undies!

  4. The underwear are seriously adorable. Good to see they're being put to good use. :)