Friday, November 22, 2013

New Curtains!

Now that we have been almost a week in our new place, things are settling down, almost unpacked, and I have my craft space {almost} all set up. Consequently, I have been cutting and preping like a mad woman so that this weekend I can get my penny sampler top done, some toddler slippers, and a doll hexie quilt. I have lofty goals, which I may or may not meet. 

Anyway, I wanted to take a minute to talk about the curtains I made. I know many people don't care for curtains, but for me, blackout curtains in my bedroom are a must. I like it as dark as dark can be, and I also like them for the kidlets, since it keeps them asleep just a little bit longer. 

The fabric is a premier prints twill from that I really love. It is listed as lightweight, but it is still substantial and has a nice drape. I opted to go with grommets, which really gives them some class. I love me a professional finish, and they were so super easy to put in. I followed this tutorial for the most part, I just kind of used my own measurements since I wanted to just use 2.5 yards per panel instead of 3. Really I just did a smaller hem on the bottom and a smaller hem on the top with a 4" fold for the grommets, and the ended up being about 85" long which is perfect. The grommets are pewter color and I ordered them from joanns. I bought 5 packs and used 10 grommets per panel, which worked perfectly. I did have a problem with one pack having 7 of one piece and 9 of the other instead of 8 each, but I contacted Prym (dritz) and they responded so quickly and sent me a new pack! It was really awesome and I am so thankful that they did and I was able to finish these up.

Seriously, I love them. Which is good since I have to look at them so often. Now I am thinking about making another set for the girlies, but we'll see, no hurry on that at any rate. So that's that. Today I am hoping to have everything ready so that tomorrow I can just sewsewsew. With any luck I'll have good progress to report next week. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Ummmm, I might copy you exacly :) I love the look the fabric the gromets. Everything.