Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday {12.18.13}

You guys, I am getting it done over here! Which is good because we are leaving tomorrow....I would be excited if I weren't so frightened of a 9 hour drive with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. But anyway, I have been a super busy little bee over here this week. I am done just about everything on my list!

suitcase - I made a freaking suitcase! And I feel good about it. And it fits all her clothes for the trip. Serious win!

baby toms - they actually fit, but the front elastic seems to rub a bit so I guess only wearing with socks...which makes them harder to get on....we'll see how much wear they get, but man they are cute.

hats/scarf - took like 20 minutes.

teething rings - one for my little and one for a friend. I love love love these. I want to make a gazillion.

gift for my sister - still not done because I am missing 2 stinking pieces of hardware that have been in the mail for almost 2 weeks. I am going to make a joanns trip tonight to try to find an alternative if it doesn't get here today.
neighbors quilt - I am sewing down the binding and am about halfway done. I had hoped to have it done before leaving, but no such luck. I'll finish it when we get back though and make some matching shams and have it to them by the new year.

And that's a wrap. Speaking of wrap, I even have just about everything wrapped and ready to go, because obviously my priorities are in order :) Who needs clothes packed?!?!  I already have a list started for the new year, and it starts with quilting my penny sampler. I even folded all my fabric and organized it so I have a fresh start. And I got some things together to work on in the car like some crochet squares and some hexies for a pillow case that I've been I am really hoping to make progress on those things while away.  I can't believe there are 2 weeks until the new year! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!


  1. Great projects! I love the suitcase and the baby Toms! have a safe trip.

  2. Holy Cow! You have a lot on your plate and are handling it very well! Love the suitcase!

  3. Hope the driving went alright! Those teething rings are adorable.