Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

And so we say goodbye to another year! And a crazy year it has been. Part of me is not sad to see it go, but I also am not quite ready to usher in this new year. This past year has held relatively less making for me, what with moving and having a baby and all that jazz. It has been strange to reflect upon how few things I feel like I got done. From my high of 16 quilts last year, this year I only finished 6. Still respectable, but not as many as I'd hoped. I did get quite a few other things made too, and I'm not even sure they are all pictured.  Really, my baby is here and wonderful and we are feeling settled in our new city and home, so I am going to call the year a success.

here are the 6 quilts I made. That last one will be done by midnight, so included the picture...I only have one more side of binding to sew down.

here are all the things for the kiddos

and here are the other things. I am still so in love with my weekender bag it's not even funny.

And that, friends, is my crafty year in pictures. I hope everyone is have a fantastic holiday season. I'll be back soon with some goals/ideas for the new year. Wishing everyone an amazing (and productive) 2014.

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