Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a great start to 2014! We are keeping it pretty low key around here, which has been nice. We are headed back to the real world this week though, which is never much fun.

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about this year and what I want to do and accomplish. I have a fairly large list of projects to tackle, some of which I have started on already. One of the big things is for me to use what I have and to craft projects around that, which is always a little more difficult than it sounds. I did pretty well last year actually, and I hope to continue that trend this year as well as using up scraps, which is always on the list. The big life questions is why, when the list is so long and you have so much to work with, do you want to immediately go out and buy fabric for a big project (a queen size double wedding ring, for example) instead of working on anything else. And by 'you' I mean 'I' haha. So I may or may not have some fat eighth bundles of some AMH fabric coming my way to make some double wedding rings with some low volume backgrounds. It's going to be epic :) I am feeling like this is going to be the year of the slow and steady. Of the things that I want to do, most of them will not be quick projects. Until my mood changes I guess. On thing is for sure, I have plenty to keep me busy! First up I need to quilt my penny sampler, make the overdue wedding quilt and start working on my pony club quilt again.  Oh, and I am once again having the terrible urge to knit something, so we'll see if I can squeeze that in somehow.

Also, I have a backlog of things to share. Most of it has appeared in wip posts over the past months, but for my own record, I want a bit more detail. So I think I am going to spend the next couple weeks doing some round up posts of some things from the last 6 months or so and that way I'll feel like I can go forward with a clean slate.  So look for that coming up, along with my last quilty finish of last year.

And since I dont particularly like posts without pictures, can I just show you how pretty my new fabric shelf is looking??? That bottom shelf is a pile of things I need to work on plus a scrap basket and the bag on the floor is all scraps too. But I finally folded all my fabric and got it organized and I am loving it! So inspiring! We'll see how long it lasts ha!

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