Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to the pony club

Happy Tuesday! After enjoying a lovely long {birthday} weekend, I am feeling a bit more prepared for this shorter week. It's been kinda rough around here recently with a crazy toddler and a teething baby. After the first kid being a late teether and not getting any until she was 9 months, this one having 2 teeth pop through right around 5 months was pretty shocking. But they are in now and things are returning to calmer. Also, I am super excited that I got yarn to make a shawl for my birthday and I've already cast on for that, so I hope to share that progress soon. But today, I am going to catch up on pony club blocks.

Do you know how long it has been since I posted any pony club blocks? I am sad to say the last time was in April. At which point I had 16 blocks done. I have almost doubled that now and have 30 blocks total. So here are the 14 most recent blocks (2 have been done for ages and ages, but since I haven't shared them, I'll lump them in here). Most of them I kept all the color placements the same, but a few I switched up and changed a bit and I like them all the better for it.

children's delight

county fair

country lanes

cowboy's star

cat's paw - I picked out hedgehogs and the little one picked the background :)

confederate rose - oh the y-seams!

cake stand

christmas tree

clover leaf - I made this a 3-fabric instead of 2 fabric block because, birds.

captain's wheel

crystal star -favorite! I changed the color placement to make the star filled in and I love it!

dakota star

doe and darts

elsie's favorite

Not gonna lie, some of these blocks are quite difficult. I have been battling curves as well as tons of y-seams and some of them are....less than perfectly flat. But I think it will all be fine in the end. And naturally here is an updated group picture!

I am loving the way these are coming together and the scrappiness is so fun. I love being able to just grab whatever I am in the mood for and form blocks that way. Clearly I went on a bit of a polka dot background binge there at the end, and I'll tell you, I don't even regret it a little bit. Now I am 1/3 done all the blocks, and at this point there is one that I know I am not going to do and will replace with something else. Once again I am going to aim to get this done by the end of the year. Hopefully as I make more blocks and they take up more space, it will be harder to push them to the side. I still need to print out the next set of templates and then I will get going again. Once I am done being distracted by knitting.  In the meantime, I will be back soon with a finished quilt!

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