Friday, April 19, 2013

More pony club blocks {finally!}

Um yeah, so it has apparently been over 3 months since I posted any of my pony club blocks. I have been making them here and there and just this past week made a bunch, so now that I have a set of 9 I thought it was time to share. My total now is 16/90 blocks. And yes, I did mention that I would like the blocks done before baby comes. Which seems unlikely, but I can try. Either way I do hope to have this quilt done by the end of the year.

Anyway, the blocks:

betty's delight

best of all

best friend

broken heart

boy's playmate

bright hopes

bird's eye view

clover blossom

colt's corral

There are actually a lot of these that I absolutely love and one day I want an entire quilt of bird's eye view blocks, but I was unsure of how they would look together so naturally I took a group shot. I love watching the pile of scrappy blocks grow!

And with that, happy weekend! I haven't quite decided what I am going to do this weekend, but I'm sure it will be terribly exciting. And hopefully super productive :)

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  1. Seeing the blocks individually I didn't expect them to be in the same quilt, the fabrics are so different! But that last picture is great, they work so well together!