Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding quilt #1

As I was getting this post ready, I realized that this is my first finished quilt this year. And for me, especially considering I finished 16 quilts last year, this seems insane. I guess pregnancy and a move will do that to you. Not a complaint, just an observation. We'll see how the year ends up, but I only have a total of 5 quilts that I really want to make this year.

Anyway, I finally finished my lilly belle quilt, destined to be a wedding gift for one of my husband's cousins getting married next month (another is getting married in the fall). I am really hoping they like it because I absolutely love it. This is one of the few fabric lines I love enough to have purchased a bundle of. I cut the squares nice and big to show off the pretty fabric and only had to add one square to make it 9x9, which is the one I ended up embroidering.Please ignore the fact that the embroidery looks like a 5-year-old did it....I am just going to call it charming and move on.  The squares finish at 8.5" each making it a nice snuggle size. I also kept the quilting simple and just echoed each seam.

The back is a sheet from target, and the binding is a dark gray dumb dot from Michael Miller. Using a sheet is so much easier than piecing yardage, plus now I have the rest of the sheet set to make other pretty things.

I am so in love with this quilt, and I am a little sad to send it away, but I think they'll love it and I know that they appreciate beautiful handmade things, so I am feeling pretty good about it. Other than that, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by life, so I am just hand quilting and making a few pony club blocks and ignoring everything else for right now. Soon though, I know I am going to have to hunker down and get some of these things done. My list is huge and almost all of it needs to be done before baby comes in 3.5 months.The clock is ticking!

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