Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday {4.10.13}

It has been a few weeks since my last WIP post, and I am finally back on the bandwagon. I don't have much to show yet, but I finally rounded up my to-do list so I have an idea what is coming. And soon I will even start working on it! For now, I am going to first finish up my binding and then learn to hand quilt.

vacation smash book - I am throwing this out there because it is my big finish for the week. Our vacation was last May and I just now finally got around to making this book. It is not perfect, but it is done and it is a much better way to enjoy our pictures and memories. Now if only I could make myself make the first year scrapbook for my almost 3 year old....

lilly belle - I am hoping one more movie spent binding and this can be washed and sent.

marcelle medallion - ready to start hand quilting. If you look closely you can see some of the circles I marked. Once the lilly belle binding is finished I will start this. I am hoping to have it done by bloggers quilt festival, so I need to get a move on.

pony club quilt - I am itching to work on these, so between hand quilting that is what I will probably be working on.
hexies - um yeah, about that....
summer clothes for the little - my next big project once I get some other things out of the way. She even helped pick out some fabric!
wedding quilt - I need to order fabric.

I am going to stop there for now. I need to keep it in manageable chunks, so I'll start with this and see how I do. I hope I love hand quilting once I try it....or at least that it doesn't take as long as I fear it will. Hopefully I'll have an answer to that next week!

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  1. Love your quilts. The hand sewing is my favourite part.

  2. What a fabulous medallion. What size is it?

  3. That medallion is wonderful! I would never have chosen that color scheme (then again mix and match is not always my forte) but I love what you've done here!

  4. The medallion looks interesting, I love the colours.