Monday, April 1, 2013

I feel like such a big kid!

Alright, well my in-laws were here all weekend as the first influx of guests this week, so no sewing has occurred. I am hoping to get a bit done today before my parents arrive for round II, but I guess we'll see. What did get done, was the purchasing of a new bed frame and its subsequent makeover!

It feels like my first real bed frame. First we had just the metal stand, and then we upgraded to an ikea frame, but it was low and not great so we ditched it when we moved. Ever since then we have been just using our boxspring/mattress combo on the floor. Like this. Excuse the is from right after we moved in.

We've been looking for one we liked since we moved, but hadn't had much luck. Then, the other day, we scored a super sweet metal bed frame off craigslist. It is nice and solid and I love the design and how airy it is. But, it was a bit dark. (this is from the listing)

And when you looked close, you could see the smears of gold shimmery paint all over it. And that was a problem.

A few cans of spray paint and a couple hours later, we had a beautiful new bed frame! I am absolutely in love and it makes me feel like such a grown-up! It's the little things haha. And before you worry, no, the pregnant lady did not use any spray paint, that would be my wonderful husband :) It is a nice light blue, I forget the color, but it was a valspar from Lowes and it seemed to work pretty well. It was hard to photograph in our small room, but you get the idea.

I am so happy with how it turned out, and it is nice to be off the floor. Plus we even have space for a bit of under bed storage now! Definitely a win. I feel like our new place is really coming together and that feels good. This along with some rearranging in the living room have definitely made it feel more like home. Now I need to go enjoy the peaceful break between visitors, and maybe make some binding and a quilt back....

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