Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a couple gifts

That about all I got around to this past holiday season, a couple gifts. And only for my sister. You do what you can in the time that you have. And sadly one gift is still, at this very moment, not finished as I am still waiting for hardware. I don't know what the postal service did, but they messed up big time and I am currently waiting for it to be resent since it got returned to sender. But anyway, I did manage to make 2 little things for her. One is technically a birthday gift that I owed her from back in September, but I gave them both last month when I saw her.

First up, the one I marked for birthday was a have it all wallet. I love this wallet. I am still using mine all the time and I hope she will too. It just fits all the essentials so perfectly! And once again I added the d-ring on the side and made a wristlet strap so it can be a clutch on its own.

The other thing was a nook case. It is not the first I've made and is once again from the fresh lemons tutorial. I knew the moment she got out her unprotected nook while she was visiting a while back that she needed one. I used some of my precious mermaid/whale fabric and I was a little sad to give it away.

The big gift will be finished one day. It has been sitting around for almost a month totally finished except for 2 small seams to sew in the hardware and the straps. Super frustrating! But I am hopeful that it will be worth the wait :)

That is all I've got for old stuff that I am going to bother with. From here on out, bring on the new! Starting with some pony club blocks and a quilt once I know it has been received :)


  1. That's frustrating when you have to wait. Everything looks really cute though.

  2. Beautiful presents and worth the wait! Lookng forward to see the third soonish. :) I still owe my sister her zig zag scarf as well as two cushion covers and I feel pretty bad about it. Then again it's just so hard to find the time right now...