Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday {12.4.13}

It seems these days I can kind of find time to sew or I can kind of find time to blog, but not both. So I guess once a week it is! At least it helps keep me on track.

quilt for neighbor - I went crazy and this went from pretty pile of fabric to basted queen sized quilt in 2 days. It was nuts and while this is totally not my typical style quilt, I do love it. Now I need to decide on quilting and finish it up!

security blankets - one step closer. I have made the binding. I swear this will get done.
suitcase for little - I need a few more things, hope to start cutting fabric this week
bags for sister - still collecting hardware and such, hope to start cutting fabric this week
shirt for me - I have a pattern and fabric...
shirt for the tiny one- I have been inspired....if I have time....
shoes for the tiny one - I am going to try a cute little pair, we'll see if they end up fitting....
penny sampler - I know how I am going to try and quilt it and a back is on the way
wedding gift quilt - fabric ordered....they only got married in october, but I have a year, right?

That should keep me busy for a while. We have about 2 weeks until we leave for our holiday travels to see the family, so I better get down to it. Here's hoping the babe cooperates! Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Good luck with all the to-do's on your list!

  2. cool how you put the top together.
    I'm in the midst of bagging up projects. Once I get that done I think I should have a to-do list as well.

  3. Sounds like my list! Lots of lists floating around the blogosphere!