Friday, February 7, 2014

super sweet lunch bag

Happy Friday! After another rough week (how long will this teething/growth spurt/whatever development is sucking away the sleep go on??) I am ready for the weekend. But right now, I really need to share the awesome that is this lunch bag. It is one of those things that I am disproportionately proud of. It just ended up looking so...professional! Let's step back a minute. Can I tell you that my husband has been taking his lunch to work in this:

Sad. Just sad. I finally decided that it was time to upgrade and went searching about for a pattern that would make a big enough bag without being monstrous. I had a couple of contenders, but in the end, I loved this one for it's design and size.I was really into using what I already had on hand, so the outer is some solid black leftover from a getaway duffle and some ikea fabric from another bag. The handles are some brown webbing covered in black fabric (which was almost more trouble than it was worth) and the zipper is an orange one I have had laying around waiting for something the right color.

The inside is actually two different color pieces of PUL that I had since I didn't have enough of either color. And the only modification I made was to change the zipper installation to the open wide pouch style from Anna of noodlehead. I love the way it opens up completely and I think it makes it much easier to pack up. I even had some insulbright laying around to make it insulated. It was really quite wonderful.

The tutorial was good and it went together quickly and with no problems and the end result just about makes me squeal with delight! So far he has been using it for a few days and says it works just fine and naturally all his colleagues are jealous haha. I am just happy to be rid of that other bag. If I need another lunch tote in the future, I will definitely make another. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Well that's a whole lot better! And i love the idea of using the noodlehead zipper installation, great idea!