Monday, July 21, 2014

christmas {cross stitch} in july

Alright, I am not usually into the whole, christmas in july thing, but this just ended up working out. I am entirely finished my Kawaii Winter Sampler cross stitch and I love it so much! It felt like it took forever to make those 10,369 stitches, but this end result is so worth it.

I bought this pattern almost 2 years ago, I think, and had every intention of starting it then; I even got all the supplies and was ready to go. However, I knew I wanted to use a linen, which I had no idea how to do, and got frustrated and we were moving, and it just kind of got shoved in a drawer. And stayed there. But no lie, I am on a ufo rampage and have it all just about cleared out (I still have to tackle the intentioned projects that I have everything for but haven't even gotten as far as any kind of start), so this had to get done. Not to mention it is freaking adorable and I really wanted to be able to enjoy it this upcoming holiday season. So I figured it would be best to just do it while the motivation was there and I am so glad that I did!

I started it about a week into June, I think and got it framed up yesterday, so I guess it didn't take all that much time, all things considered. The linen is tea dyed, with a strange combination of black and oolong tea that I had in the house, and it came out pretty well. The heat did shrink the fabric a bit so that made things a little wonky, but it seemed to work out anyway. As far as the actual pattern, I did use quite a bit of embroidery floss that I already had so the colors for some of them are a bit different (I have one of those inherited old lady floss stashes which a gazillion ancient colors), and I opted to change the one framing color to a slightly darker gray, just because I liked it. The only problem with that was that the penguin is a bit darker, but I like the higher contrast between frames. The white does get a bit lost, probably partly because it is one of those ancient colors I mentioned, and not the bright white called for. Oh, and I used a different metallic gold that is more champagne than gold.

I spent a lot of time debating the frame. That it needed to be square was obvious, so I found one I liked, but the basic color options were not working and bringing out the colors as I had hoped. White washed them out, black was too get the idea, so I bought a white one and spray painted it this lovely deep red. I must say, I think it is the perfect finishing touch. I very much look forward to getting this out every year and enjoying it for the holiday season.

I am so glad to have this one out of the drawer! Now I am just taking a reading break before I start my next long term project: a sweater! I also did get a bit of sewing done last week and am hopeful about finishing a couple more things this week. I really have some quilts that need attention, so we'll see if I can find the attention span to deal with them.


  1. Well done! I just started my first cross stitching project in 20 years and I totally loving it. I really like how you painted the frame. I have a few cross stitching pieces I made 20 years ago that I need to frame. Thanks you for inspiring me!

  2. Love your kawaii sampler and the frame you choose is just perfect! The Pumpkin patterns are the best, love them all. I'm currently stitching the summer sampler (the only one I didn't finish yet) and the Mysterious Halloween Town and they are both great!
    Sadly I have a lot of finished cross-stitches but they're waiting to get framed yet. Can you share how you framed yours or can you recommend a tutorial? I would love to do this myself because it's so expensive here in germany. Thanks for your help:-)