Friday, August 15, 2014

get well gifts

We have now just about reached one of the deadlines I was up against. You see, my poor sister is having surgery on her hip, for the second time in as many years, trying to get rid of the pain that has been plaguing her. The surgery is next week, but I really wanted to have a little get well package ready to send back with my parents for her. This surgery will be much more intense than the last and will have a recovery period of at least a couple of months. Since she will have so much time lying around, I wanted her to have some little things to make her happy. I bought a few things to entertain her, and made some other things that she has been asking for. Sister, if you found and are read this, stop and don't spoil it!!

Mostly she has just been asking for a new wallet. This was the perfect opportunity to get and try the necessary clutch pattern that I have been wanting! Rest assured, there is a version for myself in the works. But anyway, she asked specifically for a black polkadot exterior and lime green inside. I only had one fat quarter of the green, so I had to use it pretty sparingly, and spent a great deal of time trying to decide on color placement. I hope she likes the additions I chose with the gray, purple, and zebra. I really like the setup of this wallet and it is very professional and spacious. I used a magnetic snap and I think it looks really nice. Adding the wrist strap was a little difficult and I ended up using a piece of ribbon and sneaking it into the top stitching on the side. I hope it holds up.

So that was the biggest thing I made her. I decided a matching key fob couldn't hurt and that one can always use another zip pouch, so those made their way in as well.

Finally, I made her a little knitting project bag. I use this tutorial and it is the perfect size for the hat I am sending her. See, she knits a little, but has been hesitating on making a hat since she things knitting in the round is scary, and has been asking me to make one for her boyfriend instead. To help her out I decided to start a hat for her and send it for her to finish. I actually love how this bag turned out and almost wish I could keep it for myself! I hope she likes it, otherwise I am stealing it back the next time I see her ;)

This is everything together, and hopefully it will make her feel a little better next week.

And now, I have a little person to continue celebrating! Happy weekend!!

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