Friday, August 1, 2014

another for me

Ahhh, I can't believe it's August! In just a couple short weeks, my baby will be 1! I just can't even. I definitely need to get going on a few birthday things for her, along with a few other deadline things. But today, that is not the point. Today, I am going to share a bit more selfish sewing, as in, another shirt for me.

Ever since I saw it, I was in love with this lane raglan top. I knew I wanted to make it, I just wasn't in a hurry. I mean really, doesn't tank top weather last forever around here?? Then I was at joanns perusing the clearance as I tend to do, and I saw and fell in love with this polka dot knit. So light and soft! I considered making something for a child, but really I wanted it for me and so this was born (and there may be enough for a kid shirt too! The question is, can I stomach matching shirts?!).

I used some white baby ribbing or something that I already had for the contrast and it's a bit thick for it, but it works okay. I constructed the entire thing on the serger which was nice and quick, and made the sleeves 3/4 length. I decided against the waistband and instead just added some length when I cut it out and left the hem to roll. I kind of love that look on a light knit that rolls well, and it is so much easier. I probably need to pull the neckband a bit tighter next time, but overall, it came out really well and I can't wait to wear it. You'll have to excuse the bathroom picture, but otherwise there would be no picture of me wearing it, so it will do.

I am planning to make a few more of these lovelies in a few variations perhaps, but there is no rush. I will probably have to make a certain little preschooler some fall clothes first. And lots of baby gifts, and a few get well gifts and birthday gifts....not to mention the quilts, oh the quilts! Oh my, I need to go back to not trying to think about it all at once and doing one thing at a time. Next week, I should have a pretty quilt to show though! Happy weekend!!

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  1. So cute! I was just thinking that I want a shirt like this.