Sunday, October 26, 2008

Card Holder Wallets

Well, I am working my way through my list of gifts for this holiday season and am getting close to done. I just finished making little card holders for my two younger cousins that are the same two fabrics but reversed. First of all, the pattern is from the book Bend-the-Rules Sewing which I know I have mentioned before. I thought they were really cute and I had the perfect leftover fabric so figured I would go ahead and try it and let me just say, they could have come out better. They look pretty good overall, but the main problem is that cards do not fit in the pouch, thereby defeating it's purpose as a card holder! They each have two pockets that are the same fabric as the outside and on each one, the bottom pocket can squeeze a card in, but the top one really doesn't work. I am figuring that it will still fit cash or tickets from the carnival/arcade and things like that so I am not too worried about it. The other thing is that the snaps are a bit strong so everytime you open it, it seems that the fabric might rip if you aren't careful. There is really not much I can do about either of these issues so we will just have to see how it goes. Worse case scenario: they don't use them and at least I got some good experience. I really like how the pattern came together and despite their problems they are really cute. This is why I shouldn't make things that need to be a specific size. I swear I measured right and everything! But at the end you go around the outside to close up the edge and that was what made the pockets just that little bit too small. I even tried to fix it for the second one, but apparently it did not work and they are exactly the same size. Oh well. So here they are!

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