Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lessons in Sewing

1. If you are going to sew on your lap, you should probably make sure you don't stab yourself in the leg (which, might I add, is still a better situation then cutting out a chunk of finger while baking). I'm not saying this happened to me or anything, it just seems like something to be aware of....
2. If you make an oops, you just need to pick the solution that will make the oops less obvious in the end
3. If you oops again as you are trying to fix the first oops, and all hopes of playing it off like you meant to do that have flown out the window, just make sure when you give it to someone (if you are in fact going to give it to someone) you stress how much time, love and devotion went into the making of said sad object
4. If nothing else, the most important lesson sewing has taught me that mistakes happen and life will move on. Not everything can be perfect (or anything if I am sewing....especially by hand) and sometimes you just have to tell yourself that imperfection is what makes things special. If it's true for people it can certainly be true for things, crafts included. As my dad always says, it makes it unique, and really aren't we all about unique? That said, I should still probably consider giving up hand sewing and stick to machine sewing if I feel like I really want to continue to torture myself.....

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