Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Plans

Tomorrow the quilt shop hopping begins!!! I am so excited and have my fabric shopping list all in's pretty long, although really not as bad as it could be. And really, since last year I think I bought like a yard and a fat quarter total, I'm okay with it. We'll see if I can find what I need or if I come back to the trusty internet.

Anyway, I sorted out a lot of things I would like to make this week to figure out where I stand. I still at some point would like to make all the types of quilts I posted about last time, but we'll just have to see where I can fit them in and what they will work for. I also eventually hope to get decent at free-motion quilting, but we'll just have to see about that...part of the problem being that I need to make something I don't care much about so I am not too upset if it looks bad. We'll see.

The current list:
  • A quilt for my brother. I promised him one for christmas so now I just have to figure out what fabric I can find which will determine what it looks like. It needs to be a serious twin size which is bigger than I usually go.
  • A Christmas will also be a gift so I will refrain from posting more details at this time
  • A belated wedding gift quilt...all planned out, I just need to find the fabrics....also withholding details for the time being
  • A log cabin quilt for me. I have all the fabric cut and ready, it's just that projects for me get put on the backburner when it comes down to it. It is Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks line and I am super excited. I love the fabric and can't wait to see what it looks like.
  • A quilt for the little lady's eventual bed....only because I fell in love with this Ann Kelle line :)
I also have a number of eventually projects including, but not limited to a pieced white duvet cover and a queen size irish chain quilt for our bed. At some point I will also be working on my clothes sewing skills since I know I can make my little darling some amazing (and simple) things starting with most of the projects in Making Children's Clothing which I am really looking forward to. I am not going to try and actually list those eventually projects because it will just overwhelm me and I need to organize them first....still working on a system for that. Which I suppose is another goal, figuring out how to organize my patterns and ideas so I can find things and might remember I have them when the time comes.

Perhaps the biggest challenge I have set for myself, and naturally the one I am most excited about, is a hexagon blanket. That's right, english paper piecing, hand sewing, the whole nine yards. I'm crazy but excited. More details on that as I work them out. I am going to start by scouting some perfect fabrics this weekend :) That will hopefully be started before the holiday travels so I can bring it with me...what with not needing a machine and all.

I think that's all for now (I say that like it's not more than enough...). My to-make list is always growing and changing, so as usual I'm not too worried about it, I just like to try and keep track. And if I'm honest, these are just the sewing projects, I have a whole bunch of scrapbooking and such to do as well! (Catch up on Hubby's book, do the first handful of months for the little one...) And some assorted other christmas gifts, plus the WIP I already have, hopefully to be finished up as soon as I get the batting/backing/binding etc. Okay, really have to stop now....update to come after the shop hop!

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