Friday, October 22, 2010

Cloth Napkins

In addition to grocery bags, my other environmentally friendly initiative has been cloth napkins. We had a few but I decided I could make some more way easier and cheaper. So I did. I made some smalish square ones (8") and some medium square ones (10") double sided and topstitched, and two large squares (16") and some rectangles (9" x 13") with the edges folded over. All are from scraps and things I didn't know what to do with/don't love (that way who cares how messy they get). They are working really well and definitely cut down on paper towel usage :) Now I just have to work out some good cleaning cloths and we can rid our lives of papertowels almost entirely (yes almost, there are some messes I'd rather throw away...and yes I am aware I put dirty diapers in our washer daily).

So there you have it, more of my green living attempt. Hopefully there will be a nice day sometime soon where I can take some pictures of some other things done and maybe I'll even get to work on some things one of these days....I can hope anyway.

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