Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Merrylegs squared

Well that was a longer absence than I intended. I was indeed relaxing in some nice warm sunny weather, well as relaxed as one can be traveling with a 6 month old which I suppose is not very. And then we came back and all got a bad cold which we are still recovering from so it's been a crazy few weeks. Needless to say no new crafting has been completed despite the pile of half finished things on my table.

For now, here is the end of my christmas gift making. Have you heard of Fat Quarterly?Iit is an eZine and blog which I happened to run across and order the special christmas issue. By far my favorite thing in it was this little doll. Merrylegs. It seemed the perfect little gift for a few little ladies in my life. Both recipients are very cute 2-year-olds. The dolls came together easily and quickly and I think they came out super cute. One lucky girl loved hers so much and just kept swinging the legs and making her dance on any available surface. It was way cute :) I guess that's really all there is to say about them. I have a matching embroidery sketch that came with it that I am hoping to put on a pillow sometime in the near-ish future.

And now back to trying to clean up the house in between coughing fits. Hopefully soon I will get to complete a few of the things lying around waiting for me. My list is just way too long at this point and my fabric cabinet is exploding so I have to get some things done soon. I have been working out a loose goal schedule for at least the first half of the year so I'll get that up too so hopefully I will have an easier time keeping track of myself. And man, oh man, you have got to see all the fabric I got recently, so I will get on taking some pictures of that too. I may have gone a little crazy.

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