Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some little things

I am clearly very slow on the posting right now, and not for lack of things to post. It's been pretty busy with hubs teaching a winter course and me trying to ease into working, and to top it off we are going on a mini vacay this weekend :) I'm going to go ahead and call it a birthday gift haha. Point is, life is nuts. You should see my to-make pile, it's sick. Oh and I've been fabric shopping like woah recently, but that is another post for when I am done...I still have one more stop :)

Back to things created. I have a handful of small christmas gifts to share, starting with these two. The first is something I made for my dad, and it is a repeat of something I made for myself; a camera strap cover. Of course it is a manly plaid fabric (a theme?) and I put a lens cap pocket in it, but this time used a different fabric so it's easy to find. It came out nicely and hopefully he gets a lot of use out of it.

Next up, I made a table runner for my mother-in-law. It is a pattern and fabric that I got from my quilt shop hopping last year (as in 2009) and finally decided to try making. I admit I was a bit scared of the triangles, but I didn't do too bad. I have to imagine it would have come out much better if I had been using my 1/4" foot already, but what can you do. It came out a little small, due to the uneven seams and we won't talk about that upper right corner there...I don't really know what happened but cutting gone wrong apparently. I used the back to wrap around for the binding and machine sewed it down. I kinda liked doing it that way actually. And for the quilting I just traced around the stars. It is very much a project not my style (not exactly my fabrics of choice) but I was pleasantly surprised with how it came out.

I believe I have two more posts of christmas gifts, by which point maybe at least one of the three projects sitting around half done will actually be completed. When I get back next week I will have to make my game plan since I don't even want to tell you how many things are on my various to-make lists right now. Seriously, it's bad.

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