Friday, January 14, 2011

pretty clutches

Well, if you are reading this, I am hopefully off somewhere warm and sunny enjoying some much needed relaxing family time. More on whether that is actually the case next week when I return...

S0 my sister and I are always on the lookout for the perfect clutch. You know, one that fits the essentials but isn't too bulky. It is amazingly hard to find and usually they don't fit everything. I don't know why it is so much to ask for a bag to just be big enough to hold a phone, money/cards, and keys. We spent a long time using the new york and company zip clutches, but they just aren't quite big enough. One day as I was wondering through blogland, I came across someone talking about making a bag from a keyka lou pattern so I went to check out the etsy store link. So many beautiful patterns! After much deliberation (seriously, ask my husband, it went on for days), and a sale of 2 patterns for $10, I bought two clutch patterns and set about making one for my sister. In the meantime I also decided my mom could use one for going out. The pattern is for 3 different sizes and I got the curvy clutch and zip clutches but opted to just make the curvy clutches for christmas.

For my sister, I used a black and ivory home decor fabric and black cotton for the lining. I made it the medium size and used different things I had on hand for the interfacing, batting for the body and a double layer of flannel for the flap. I opted for a single snap even though the instructions call for two and I think that holds this size shut just fine.

For my mom, I used a black/lavender brocade and a lavender satiny lining to make it a bit dressier. They were definitely more difficult fabrics to work with but the results are good. This is the large size and needed the double snap. All the interfacing is a double layer of flannel in this one.

So far everyone who has seen them has been impressed. My mom actually seemed amazed that I made it. I have a few modifications in mind for next time, perhaps another pocket in the front or something, and my sister has requested one with a zippered change space, so I may have to try that for her one of these days.

I have plans for a few more for various people I think, and I am looking forward to trying the zip clutch, which I think I may use to make my sister the makeup bag she requested. We shall see. Next week will be the last of the christmas gift posts, so at least they will be posted within a month of the holiday :-P And then I really get going on 2011!

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