Thursday, January 27, 2011

the stash grows

As I mentioned, I seem to have gone a little nuts fabric-wise this month. Let me start off by saying, that although I have a cabinet full of fabric that may suggest otherwise, I am not generally a stasher. I tend to buy things for specific projects and not "just because". I have a lot I have been given and just recently got some clearance fabrics at joanns since they were $1.50/yd and I still have ideas for most of them. That said, I do love a good deal :)

It started with an order from connectingthreads. There were a few things I needed, just a couple of fabrics to finish up what I need for my christmas quilt, and it was on sale for like $2.50/yd so I got the green print that I needed and a fabric for the back, and I figured I would get more white thread since that is what I usually shop there for. I love their cotton thread and use it all the time. Then, I saw that the Antionette line which I keep loving, was on clearance, so I picked some of them and THEN, Handmade Beginnings (which I have been eyeing for a while) was on sale half off. Long story short, then I had to make sure I got free shipping, so everything pictured below (10 yards of fabric by the way) was $50.14. I do actually have some ideas for that pretty fabric, but we'll see how I feel by the time I get to it.

Then I found out much to my dismay that my favorite local quilt shop (Sew Many Quilts) was going out of business! I had been planning on going there and getting myself a little birthday gift since they gave a birthday discount, but obviously that was not to be. Their going out of business sale had all fabric at $5 a yard though so I braved the crowd to get some beautiful prints that I have been loving for ages, but since I had no specific project, I couldn't justify just buying fabric that expensive just to sit around. I am so excited about these but out of the million things I want to make with them, I don't know what will win out.

Finally, I finally got to Ikea to get some things. What I really needed was the acrylic coated fabric to cut down and put under the high chair so that we have something easy to clean (see those big polka dots there, that's it!) and after reading that acrylic coating is better than vinyl, I had to find some and at $7.99/yd this was the best. I actually kind of love it but we'll see how it washes up and such. I also wanted to get a fabric that my sister loves to make her a few things and I got the small scale print version as well. The blue fabric was on sale in the childrens section, the green flowers were marked down to 1.99/yd, and I got a couple yards of an unbleached cotton which I am planning to pair with bright solids to make grocery bags.The gray piece in the front is actually a pillow case from the as-is bin that I think will make a beautiful lining for a clutch or something, and I got two dishtowels to practice embroidery on and that gray pillow also from the as-is bin to embroider for the bedroom. I have been itching to practice some embroidery so hopefully this will give me a little kick in the pants since I have specific things to work on and practice.

So there you have it. I have way enough fabric right now, and at least need to complete a few projects before I get any more. I think the only things missing are some solid fabrics for specific projects which I will get when I get to them. I did finally get a few small things done the other day so my next thing is my Little Folks quilt which I have been planning and waiting to make since June. It has been cut and I finally laid out the blocks today so I can hopefully start sewing. Okay, enough for now!

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