Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The plan

It is time to talk about goals. Again. Even though I feel like we just did that. But my brain is kinda mushy still so I need to keep organized somehow.

***These are the quilts I am going to try and have the tops pieced in the next 5 months***

  • My little folks log cabin quilt. This will be done soon. Seriously. It is sitting on the table, waiting to be sewn into beautious blocks.
  • A baby little folks. Made with my scraps. Still waiting to have the big one done to make sure how much is left. It will be simple patchwork.
  • Christmas quilt. It is almost all cut and ready to be sewn. I need one more solid fabric too, but no prob.
  • Wedding gift. I may have just settled on a new design for this one haha, but it's okay, it will be better. I need a few fabrics for this one still. I did start some work on it though.

In addition, my hexie quilt is ongoing, I am almost done one knitting project and have another ready to start, and I have a bunch of small sewing things to do. Of course, I also would like to do the first 6 months of the little one's scrapbook (which I have been planning in my head). And a few other scrapbooky things. Okay, it's a lot, but little by little I think I can get it done. I actually think 4 quilt tops (hopefully at least the first two completely finished) is completely doable in 5 months. I just needed to get that out there :) Now I feel all accountable and whatnot haha.

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