Sunday, April 17, 2011

a new skill

I am so close to done work I can taste it. One more full day of work and then 3 days of wrap up stuff and I am free! Let me tell you, I just can't wait. The house is sadly neglected and the list of things I want to do/make is just sky high, so I can't wait to get going on that. Soon, very soon.

Anyhoo, I did learn a new skill during this work season. I can crochet!! Well kinda, anyway. I have a somewhat larger crochet project in the works, but I don't exactly know when that will be done. I did, however, find something super cute that I wanted to make while perusing pinterest one day (seriously, obsessed). It is a knotted headband and really, it is a crocheted chain. 2 technically. I am pretty sure my mom taught me how to make a chain ages ago, but my new crochet lessons refreshed it. My biggest roadblock in making this was that, believe it or not, I didn't own a hot glue gun haha. Luckily, my office happens to be 2 doors down from an A.C. Moore so that was easily remedied :) And of course once I got one done, I just had to make a second one for a friend (she loves hers too in case you were wondering). Mine came out a bit thinner than the pattern since I used what I already had. And since I was using a different size hook and weight yarn, I just read through the pattern and eyeballed the length I needed. It didn't matter if it was too long since it got cut down anyway. I like the thinner look though and I used some of my cotlin yarn scraps, and I just love that yarn.

It was super quick, simple project and I just love it. I want to wear it all the time. It is not perfect, I had some trouble perfecting the hot gluing of the ends, but it works.

And now to go enjoy my day off...even though I still have to run to the office. 4 more days!

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