Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's finally done!!

The moment everyone has been waiting for. The Little Folks quilt is done!!!

When I started this blog I had never quilted anything and hadn't sewn much. I had just moved to a new place where I knew no one, couldn't find a job, and was broke. I needed something to fill the time. Up until around that point, I had been primarily knitting, which I still love but is pretty hard on the hands and lacks....the same instant gratification of sewing. I started really because I figured I could make instead of buy a lot of things. Then my cousin was having a baby, and I figured I could sew a blanket for the baby. So I did, and even though it was very very far from perfect, I kinda liked it. A lot.

And then, I really discovered quilting blogs. That opened up a whole world of possibilities. In particular, I discovered Anna Maria Horner, both her blog and her fabrics. And I fell in love. This was while Good Folks was really popular, but before I could scrounge up enough money to buy it, it was pretty much gone. I was actually really sad about it.

And then came little folks. Beautiful, yes, but voile so I was hesitant. I am not exactly an experienced quilter so I was a bit scared. And being voile, the colors weren't quite as vibrant due to the sheerness so i was initially unsure of how much I would like it, but it turns out I seriously love it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it: log cabins! I had never made a log cabin block before, but this post convinced me. It was also one of the main reasons I was so stinking obsessed with good folks. I looked into quilting with voile and found a bunch of people making beautiful quilts with this line. In June I decided to just go for it and I ordered 2 fat quarter bundles in different colorways. This voile is amazing. I was still scared to quilt with it, but I shouldn't have been. It's just awesome, this stuff just feels amazing, so soft and silky.

I was also about to have a baby. Like any day. And I didn't want to start sewing and then have to stop for an undetermined amount of time. So I just cut it out and it sat in a pile screaming at me to be made into a pretty quilt. I decided on 12" blocks, with a 4" center and 2" strips. The pattens are laid out randomly, and I just love it. The back is marine from the pastry line, with a double strip of squares I had left over, and it is bound in pastry line voile in magenta . Using warm and white batting really helped keep the colors nice and bright. I did straight line quilting as usual, and did a big grid following all the seams. It works, but it is probably a little much. Thankfully it doesn't really mess with the lovely drape, the fabric just doesn't seem to get stiff. It is all washed and dried and crinkly and lovely. It is such a lightweight blanket, perfect for cool summer evenings of snuggles. I just don't want to share it or let anyone else use it haha.

And now a couple of pictures. The sun washes out the colors some, but that's okay. I would have more detail shots but the bees were out in force and I hate bees.

It is definitely a happy blanket. And in it I can see a lot of improvement in my piecing and quilting, and that is always a good thing :)

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