Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fabric Beach Balls

I am slowly working through my projects. This is one that was meant to be a christmas gift for the little lady. Ha. Not even close really, but that's okay. I actually had the big pink one done for christmas, but I ran out of stuffing and Joanns kept not having the bamboo blend I wanted so I kept waiting and finally sat down and finished them. They have been sewn since December but just not stuffed and sewn up.

I used this tutorial from purlbee, and just decided not to bother sewing on the end circles. I think they look cute enough as is. That and I'm kinda lazy. The little one seems to like them. I made two medium size and one small size, and the small one is just her size. It was a pretty simple project and I wish I had gotten them done sooner, but oh well, it works out since she enjoys these things more as she gets older and can really play with them.

I have been a busy little bee. I have a bunch of small things done, some of which can't be revealed for another week and a half (gifts and all that), and I am making good progress on some bigger things. It is nice to be back to sewing more, and the little one is even going down for naps at this point so I have time most days to work. Of course the challenge is not to get so overwhelmed I don't work on anything...with any luck I'll get two more things checked off the list today.

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