Tuesday, May 10, 2011

one big granny square

Things have been quite busy around here. I have actually been pretty productive, and got a lot of smaller things done. My amazing hubby gave me some extra crafting time for mothers day (although really he would have given it to me anyway, because he is just that great) and I was even able to make some good progress on some quilts. We are heading to see my sister graduate this weekend so when we get back I have a quilt deadline to meet. More on that later.

One of the things I finally managed to finish, is what I consider my first crochet project. The headband really doesn't count as far as I am concerned since it was just a chain anyway. What initially got me started on the whole learning to crochet thing was that I wanted a small blanket for the little one. Somehow a crochet one seemed like it would be better than a knit one, what with being full of holes and all...better for breathing or something like that. At any rate, that is where the idea started.

So one day at work the other girl I was working with taught me how to crochet. The pattern is just a large granny square. I got some Bernat soft boucle yarn which is a bit harder to work with but hides mistakes just wonderfully. Really it was just one of the few yarns that was machine washable and dryable which seemed important for something I was planning to put in a crib. The yarn is brown with pink flecks.

I got a good amount done that first day, but then I had less time and the rounds were getting so much bigger that it was taking more time to do a round (and I'm a finish a round or don't bother starting it kinda gal) so I stopped for a while. I also didn't love it. The yarn is okay, but it is just so lightweight it didn't seem like it would be a great blanket. And then the skein ended. And I had to decide whether to get more of the yarn to make it a reasonable size, or stop and forget it. I chose option c, using yarn from my stash that is the same weight and doesn't really match to make a fairly ugly blanket just kinda ridiculous. I used some Lion brand Jiffy yarn in whatever colors I had on hand, until I ran out of said colors....and actually I think it is still under 30" square which was the finished size I was kinda aiming for.

Oh well. The picture makes the colors actually look worse than they are in person. For example the border color is actually purple but in the picture I think it looks blue and the pink/brown center just looks way worse when photographed. Oh well, it's done and one of these days once I finish up some other things, it will be on to a bigger and better crochet project, I already have some ideas. For now, crocheting anything else is on hold since I have so many other things to do. And I promise that my other things coming up are much prettier. It just only seems fair to put up the ugly things too. Who knows if this blanket will even get used or for what. Maybe the cat just got a new blanket to lay on :)

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