Monday, May 23, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler

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Yesterday I was perusing blogland (as usual) and stumbled upon this Skill Builder Sampler quilt along going on over at Sewn. Like the crazy person I am, I have decided to join and commit to making the 36 blocks over the next year. I am sure that I know how to make many of the blocks, but there are many other skills I have been wanting to try and this pretty much covers them all. I am simultaneously totally excited, nervous and wondering what they heck I am thinking.

That said, it doesn't seem bad to do 3 blocks per month and it should give me a nice queen size quilt for the bed when I am done, something I have been meaning to do but haven't been able to decide what I want. And I think having a group of people to do it with will make it much easier to try some of these scary skills.

I even know what fabric I am planning on using I think.

I bought this bundle from fabricworm not too long ago (one of the brown fabrics is a substitution, but I like it better), with the intention of making a second quilt for an event on June 3rd, but since that's next friday and I'm not done the first quilt, I don't think it will get done. I love the fabrics and the colors and this seems like the perfect thing to use them for. It will be nice on the bed, not to bright, but certainly not boring. I have a feeling this quilt will be a labor of love, and that will make it that much better when I am snuggling up with it, hopefully next summer some time. Wow, a year seems like such a long time to work on a quilt! And then I'll still have to put it all together! Oh boy, this will be quite an adventure. I'm so excited!!!!

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  1. love love love your blue ducky fabric. I still haven't picked a fabric so guess my first block will be from the scraps...then maybe " the set ones" will come later?
    Julie Ann