Friday, May 27, 2011

picture me dress

Remember back in January when I bought Anna Maria Horners Handmade Beginnings book? No? Well I did, and I have been waiting and waiting to make something from it, while at the same time, my little girl outgrows half the stuff (I never even got around to making booties! None! And I am pretty sure that ship has sailed...). The one thing I have been determined to make was the Picture Me dress for this summer. Then one day we were stopping at Joanns and the knits were half off and we saw this sweet fabric with pink skulls on it. I had to have it and I knew exactly what I was going to do. I figured using a woven pattern with a knit wouldn't be too bad, it would just stretch more and maybe need to be a bit smaller. So I cut the pattern in the 6-9 month size with some extra length (my lady is very skinny, but tall), and honestly it is still a bit big.

I got rid of the panels on the front and just calculated it out to cut the front and back as single pieces. I hemmed it quite a bit since my lady is still a crawler and I didn't want her to get stuck on it, so I'll just let that down when we need to. That also means it should easily last through the summer and really, I think it will fit better in a month or two. I had a horrible time sewing in the elastic. The first time it was not at all tight enough and even once I fixed it, it is pretty uneven. I also think I should have put the elastic all the way around instead of just the sides and back, but who knows, that might have messed up the way the front lays.

[sorry the pictures kinda stink, I'm having trouble getting nice days around here]

She is quite the cute little model even if she never stops moving, but you can see how big the arm hole is. I ended up doing some big stitches in the front too, to keep it together because even though you can't see in this picture, the front where it crosses was just hanging open.

Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll try it again with a woven fabric and see how it goes. But for now I've got enough on my list, including another dress pattern for her that will hopefully end up being used for her first birthday dress. Can you believe that in another 6 weeks my baby will be 1??

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